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This assumption is based on all the research mathematicians who over the years have dedicated themselves to find the complete hyperbolic surface. In fact, while you can find examples in nature of surfaces constantly negative. Such surfaces, unfortunately, not have the characteristic of stretch to infinity. In Kuiper a German mathematician suggested that such a surface could exist, but did not explain how you could build. Taimina, in his book explains how to make the paper model with "anuli" , as described in the above picture.

From paper model Daina was inspired to create his model or crocheted ; studying the anuli paper, in fact, she realized that, working so as to increase the number of meshes in a constant way from line to line, and following a definite proportionality, was obtained in the form of a hyperbolic plane model or crocheted.

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The concept is simple and revolutionary at the same time, because through the use of a technique housewife and within everyone's reach, how to crochet, you can create a three-dimensional model which was considered by scholars impossible. Whoever can use the hook can be home a hyperbolic object. I found explanations in English here, in a pdf downloadable, but equally useful is the Italian translation of points used described in this post my friend Cosmosicula I thank him for the inspiration of this wonderful topic that is the hyperbolic crochet.

These beautiful models closely resemble natural forms Mushroom, coral sea slugs etc.. Ovviamentemi I ventured execution crochet some of these forms and I got these results:. In the book of Daina there are a lot of images and you'll find many ideas about the nature of a hyperbolic plane that can be verified through the crochet patterns; I'm going to write more posts on this topic I find so fascinating. In addition, in a few days I'll be able to show even more of my creations with the hyperbolic crochet that, I'm sure, inspire your future work, as it has been for the Moebius strip.

Some images and information in this post are taken from: The site of Professor. Lazzarini and the site Daina Taimina. This post was created as an initiative of Mammafelice , I follow your blog for a long time, and that indeed was one of those who inspired me and that gave me the courage to create my own blog. The initiative is called Treasure Hunt: introduce me a blog and questions all I really enjoyed:. As we closed, we mothers, in the 'circle of mothers'? I, how many interesting people I'm missing? So, here is that the Treasure Hunt this year is based on this desire: meet new people, enlarge its borders, invite people to dinner, and reshuffle the cards.

Each of us has certainly among its bookmark a link to a blog of the heart, a blog that wants to present to others. A blog to raise awareness. A blog to present. Identity card : My name is Irene, mother of three children still small and quite lively. Blog Name and objectives : My blog is CrochetCircus and deals with crochet and traditional crafts. A good reason to follow : For moms I write about crochet I especially like to provide free designs to do at home and ancient crafts because they do not lose the desire to create something with their hands. Ebooks and Manuals

I found the taste to see materialize my creations to the birth of my third daughter, that gave me the energy to go back to doing the hook after so many years that I had abandoned. And after that I saw with my day job cards only crowded and cold files of your computer.

I recently put a video on hand carding wool, I described how it was done and how you can make bread at home etc.. For mothers and children together I write crafts proposing to do one next to the other in order to share the time and emotions. Two posts that are worth reading:.

I do with my hands not. Ancient crafts: the sense of making bread at home today. I found several bags on the net made with this technique and I liked it so much that I decided to make one. The scheme is very simple and can be realized even the novice.

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Here I've used a rather large cotton, I've worked with crochet hook no. I made the body of the bag with high-shirt, even if the diagram showed the half-shirt and high handles and trim with crochet. So we come to scheme. You can find it at this link , where you can download and print. In this site, instead, find the depth explanations on how to make the handles and the trim and lining of the bag as. Are in English, but there are many explanatory photos. So much so that this time I tried to prepare me well in the operation of inserting a lining in satin. Today I present a collection of realizations, ispirate agli African Flowers, to Granny Squares and other techniques that I liked a lot and I have the opportunity to also linkarvi schemes Free, obviously so that you too can try to make them.

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They all feature bright colors and very sunny and pleasant accozzamenti. Enjoy them. The instructions can be found at this link images with much explanatory. Under a pattern used for a scholarship, but which can have many other uses.

A this nice blog found the tutorial to make it and other indications for similar reasons. Other squares compose. Vi spiego giro dopo giro come realizzare la vostra borsa personale e fatta a mano.

Tutorial pochette "Ananas" uncinetto - How to make crochet bag - Punto ventaglio -- Katy Handmade

Schema per borsetta a forma di cocomero uncinetto — a seguire versione in inglese Livello: facile. Semi Potete cucire piccoli bottoni o paillettes sulla parte rossa del cocomero, o come ho fatto io, ricamare con un filo nero piccoli punti in modo disordinato. Ebooks and Manuals

Una volta foderato il pezzo rotondo, piegate in due e fate combaciare i punti. Posizionate la zip nella parte superiore della mezzaluna, cucitela con filo verde foto 4 e chiudete le parti laterali con MBB. Potete personalizzarlo e trasformarlo in borsetta aggiungendo una tracolla.

Finish each round joining with a slip stich sl st to the top of chain 3. Seeds Now sew on small black buttons on the red rounds or use black yarn to embroidery scattered seeds. Fold in half. Using the green yarn Sew the zip along the upper edge picture 4. Ciao per la fodera avrai bisogno di 1 taglio rotondo della forma della borsa aperta aumentato di 3 cm per le cuciture. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. See examples translated by margine Noun - Masculine 57 examples with alignment.

See examples translated by periferia Noun - Feminine 12 examples with alignment. See examples translated by frangetta Noun - Feminine 10 examples with alignment. See examples translated by marginale Adjective 68 examples with alignment. See examples translated by collaterali 14 examples with alignment. See examples translated by Fringe examples with alignment. See examples containing nicchia 7 examples with alignment. Your mam said, the fringe thingy. L'ha detto tua mamma, per via della frangia spettinata.

The shooter belonged to a right wing fringe group. Chi ha sparato apparteneva ad una frangia di destra. I saw small, almost imperceptible indentations along the upper fringe. Ho visto dei solchi piccoli, quasi impercettibili, sul margine superiore. They're calling us a controversial fringe movement. Ci stanno definendo come un "movimento estremista controverso". I think it was a fringe group. Penso sia stato un gruppo estremista.

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Colorful crochet motif cushion by annesurr with tassel fringe. Cuscino motivo colorato all'uncinetto dai annesurr con frangia della nappa. Beaded fringe triangular shawl free crochet pattern from Undeniable Glitter. Schema uncinetto gratis scialle triangolare di frangia in rilievo dall'innegabile Glitter. It's the Prada fringe purse.

E 'la borsa frangia Prada. At both endings a fringe complete the ensemble. And I had a Jackie Coogan fringe. E ho avuto una frangia Jackie Coogan. Ferragamo did some terrific work combining crochet with fringe for the runway. Ferragamo ha fatto qualche lavoro formidabile che unisce all'uncinetto con frangia per la pista.