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Can I forgive the man who raped me?

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God does not take away the Holy Spirit when we sin John , but we do grieve the Spirit and thereby lose His fellowship and help Eph. May we never forget the high cost of committing sin! His ears v. Nothing sounds good to a person out of fellowship with God. His bones v. When we harbor sin, it hardens the heart. People with a dirty conscience are usually on the defensive, wondering what other people may know. That is because for us as believers sin always isolates and defiles.

Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites,10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. These things are important but there is more to it than just the intellectual acceptance of these truths. Does that mean we always smile through every dark day? Does that mean we never struggle with understanding why God allows certain things?

Remember Job? His very words show that He felt as if what God had allowed him to suffer was something God had done to him. Now we know from the account that God did not slay Job—Satan was behind it all Job ; , using the sinful choices of the Sabeans Job and the Chaldeans Job , together with his own manipulation of natural laws , 18; We often do that. He is kind hearted but very mischievous. To Hub's annoyance, Fat frequently tags along on his adventures. While Hub frequently resents his grandmother, Fat appears to like her. He often helps her and spends time with her.

He frequently manages to be affectionate with her, something that none of the other family manages to achieve. In the second season, Fat makes friends with a tomboy named Maisey who works at her grandfather's pawn shop.

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While she frequently bosses him around, Fat enjoys her company as an alternative to Hub. When Hub gets older and spends less time with him, Fat relies more and more on Maisey for friendship. As Fat gets older, he finds himself getting into trouble frequently. He feels he is old enough not to be treated like a child and rebels against the authority around him. The local people, Hub, and even his parents do not take him very seriously, which leads to his frustration.

Fat shows no interest in the mine over the years and May does not bother to try to interest him. Fat's main interest is in the police and the RCMP. Most of his interest in law enforcement is caused by movies and fictional stories until he meets a police officer, during the Christmas special. This interaction leads him to announce to the family that he intends to become a police officer. His family does not seriously listen to him but Fat appears to be set on this goal.

Max actually meets the boys first, when they have run away from home. After they get hurt in an accident, he helps them. He encourages them to join the school's sports teams, which Hub eventually does.

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In the second season, Max and Honey are married. When Max marries Honey, Hub resents his addition to the family. Hub feels he is a weak replacement for their father and resists Max's attempts to control him or Fat. They eventually accept each other and Hub later sees Max as a support.

Can I forgive the man who raped me?

May also has issues with Max, believing him to be a Communist and too laid back to be a school teacher. Eventually, they come to an understanding.

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  • When Honey gives birth to Max's child, Zach, he is delighted. Max is a freelance writer, who frequently writes crime stories or pieces for the local radio station. In the Christmas special, Honey and he work together to try to find a way for him to complete his novel and allow Honey to go to college. Bob Dan Lett is May's oldest son. He runs the mine, but is frequently frustrated by her attempts to control things.

    Toppy Robin Craig is Bob's wife and May's other daughter-in-law. Toppy is her nickname, but her real name is never revealed. Toppy was the name of her doll when she was a child, a doll she dearly loved. The couple has a daughter named Doris. When the show begins, Bob, Toppy, and Doris are snobbish and cold to Honey and her children.

    Doris picks a fight with Hub on his first day in New Bedford, which leads to him punching her. This sets Bob and Doris's opinion of Hub in stone. In the second season, Bob tries to save the mine from bankruptcy, but his long work hours put on strain on his marriage and make him irritable. Eventually, Toppy leaves him, taking Doris with her.

    Forgive the Wind

    When Toppy offers a chance at reconciliation, Bob abandons the mine and flees town. The couple hopes that getting away from the mine and May will allow them a second chance. Their attempts to save their marriage fail and they eventually divorce. Doris is sent to boarding school while the couple deals with the legal side of things.

    Rape accusers ‘face court ordeal by defence lawyers’

    Toppy returns to New Bedford and attempts to start a life without Bob there. She is occasionally given the cold shoulder by locals because she is divorced, which was unacceptable in the s. Toppy recurs in the first three seasons and becomes a regular cast member in seasons Bob is only seen on a few occasions after he leaves town. May is furious with him leaving and frequently blames him for the problems with the mine. Violet Victoria Collyer in the first few seasons and Natasha LaForce in later seasons is Honey's third child and only daughter. She is about 18 months old when the series begins.

    Honey is forced to give Violet to distant relatives, after her husband's death. The relatives are infertile and desperate for a child. May secretly tells them that Honey will never be able to get Violet back and they should raise Violet as if she were their own.