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Tom and Jeanne want to be adventurous for their 10th anniversary so they decide to have a threesome. Easier said than done. Two college-aged best friends try to stave off the boredom and insanity of the Zombie Apocalypse by hosting their own online show from their basement. Alex and EJ are brothers with nothing in common. Alex is a straight A student who desperately wants to be cool and win the affection of Lo the coolest girl in school.

EJ is a former high A group of sequestered reality show contestants emerge to find the world obliterated by biochemical weapons and must rebuild civilization. They're not just models - they're the Last Models On Earth!. Lucas and Lorenzo are two young brothers who have a dream to make music. During their life they have gone through different jobs, such as lifeguards, police or tennis players. Now that they Horny American teenagers fly to Australia for sex at the social media convention in Sydney.

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Will Logan survive his fear of flying? Will the pilots survive passengers not using airplane mode? Will anyone survive? This Chicago-set sitcom follows the intertwined lives of six young urbanites trying to learn the ropes of adulthood. Through breakups and whatever other curve-balls life throws them, the pals stick together.

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Dive into the Wisdom of the Heart. Music, Meditation, Dance, and Creativity. Dive deep. Let music, nature, laughter, and inspired teachers open the doors to your awakened heart. David Leonard.

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Circle of Love Gathering. Each retreat is unique with a mixture of the spiritual warriors you see below. We work with the very best musicians, speakers, artists, poets, and workshop facilitators. Where Next? Circle of Love Gatherings are held at different locations around North America. A Place, where you feel comfortable, among soul sisters, where you can share from your heart, you can ask for support and a place where you can be yourself, a space you feel you belong, and learn new healing tools.

Is your life changing, are your kids growing up are you looking for a new purpose, or finding yourself. I invite you into this sacred circle! Where you can be yourself, share what is coming up and feel deeply supported, a place you learn new energy tools and find the gifts in yourself. My vision for this Circle is: N To hold you all in love. I held many healing webinars, group healings, and often missed the exchange, the deeper holding and unfolding.

Circle of Love

Being in a circle is not just attending a healing webinar, it is being held and supported through the months and riding the waves together. Did you often ask yourself, what is going on, why do I feel this way today or this week? You are never alone, many of us go through the same. Learning that others are going through something similar, is heartwarming.

Caroline's Circle of Love - Caroline Palmy

You are not alone and were never meant to be. If you feel out of place, like you have no one to truly talk to, or sharing who you truly are, just being yourself, sharing knowing you will be respected and accepted just the way you are. A place where you can just share without being judged, a place you can relax, have a cup of tea and feel welcome. Yes it is place to hang out with like minded women, a place you feel understood and a place you might finally be able to relax and feel like you are fitting in, rather than sticking out or having to behave a certain way for you to feel like you are part of it.

A circle to exchange, a circle of love, to feel love and share the love. N I will hold you in a safe space, a beautiful loving circle. You will learn how you can stay in your own energy, differentiate between what is you and what is coming from someplace else. Once a month we will meet in healing circle, a beautiful space to open up and asking for support and share, or a circle to just be and take it all in.

I will hold a beautiful healing group session during that time, we will release, and allow ourselves to be, tap into our own power and uniqueness. We will tap into the themes of each month, as we go along, as I learned that planning it too much in advance is not suitable, I rather check in with you and see what you need each month, and also feel into the energy to guide us best through each month.

You know you have found the healer for yourself when they touch that nerve and the release begins. Hours later and days even I felt my mind less gripped with fear and I knew from my own personal work that a huge block had been lifted. I would continue to see Caroline and recommend her truly powerful gift of insight and healing to anyone wanting an experience of deep transformation.

Gratitude Heals the Heart

I feel honoured to have had this experience with Caroline! Her healing addressed specific issues I was having with moving forward in my life as I was struggling with being overcome by fear that stopped me in my tracks. Caroline helped move the fear out, and she also talked with me and gave me ways to think about the thoughts and feelings that block me from achieving my goals.

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Listening to her was like listening to the advice and wisdom of an angel who knew me well. I wrote down much of what she said so I could refer back to it often. What a remarkable session. I am full of gratitude. Intuitive Healer , Fisher Woodward. Caroline had such a gentle and kind way of supporting me to drop my guard and really open to receive.

As a generous giver I can find it hard to allow others in and feel safe being seen. Caroline was able to tune into the heart wounds that needed loving attention and swathe me in her kindness and care until I could hear the messages from my guides supporting me to return to my own innocence and purity.

Compassion, Gratitude, and Generosity